The Duties of the President are to preside at all meetings of the HSA, appoint Chairpersons of all Committees, be a member of ex-officio of all committees and authorize expenditures, represent HSA Parents at meetings of other organizations to further our objectives, coordinate the work of Officers and Committee Chairpersons, delegate to other Officers and Committee Chairpersons fulfillment of such duties and invitations as come within the scope of their assignments, promote harmonious working relationships between the Home and School.

The Duties of the Vice President(s) are to serve as assistants to the President, preside at meetings in the absence of the President as designated by the President, assume the duties of the President in case of vacancy in the Office of President, act as Chairperson(s) of major Committees as designated by the President, and report highlights at the Executive Board and General Membership Meetings, promote the policies and work of HSA to develop good public relations.

The Duties of the Secretary are to keep correct minutes of all meetings of HSA and distribute them at the proper time, report the highlights of the Executive Board Meetings at the Executive Board and General Membership Meetings, keep a record of attendance of the Executive Board and General Membership Meetings.

The Duties of the Treasurer are to have charge of all funds pertaining to the HSA, receive all monies and expend such monies on request of the President by vote of the Executive Board, keep accurate records of all receipts and expenditures, present a Report of Finances at each General Membership and Executive Board Meeting, close the books on June 30th and have them audited as provided in the Bylaws.

The Duties of the Nominating Committee are to formulate a ballot after confirming all nominations, keep accurate records of all proceedings, provide Ballot Box, keep Ballot Box in secure location, and balloting at correct time, verify all ballots, count and verify winners and provide list of winners to PHSC Rep for formulation of letter of announcement.